Kyle Buzby

My name is Kyle Buzby. I'm a programmer, tester, photographer, and enjoy thinking I can do everything. I work for a major electronic medical record vendor, but this site, its content, and any opinions expressed are my own. I love learning about current technologies, how to make code better for the present and the future, automating every thing that I do more than once, and promoting and being a part of an inclusive workplace. I challenge myself with with more "classical" projects by working on my '88 Grand Wagoneer, '09 Bonneville, and any little project around the house.

If you want to talk — Reach out!

My Background

Despite my ever-growing love for technology this was not always my professional calling. I graduated in 2013 with a Bachelors of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Even then I had started to play with Augmented Reality (Layar) and the Microsoft Kinect and began to fall in love with code. From there I started learning everything I could on my own, took a job with my current company as a Software Test Engineer, continued learning, received a graduate certificate in Computer Science, and made the jump to be a full time developer.